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Revolutionize Your Small Business With Ricoh’s All-In-One Printer Solutions

Upgrade Small Business With All-In-One Printer

What are some things you can do to make your business more efficient? We all want something convenient and the best for our business. As there are new trends we see daily, we must keep up with them, especially for those in business. We need to be competent and learn how to ride the tide. Taking your business to the next level is now easier with Digital Business Technologies. You can upgrade your small business through the latest printing technology. We provide both hardware and software solutions. We also offer technical support for different businesses here in Chicago. You can call us at (800) 745-6155 or email us. You may ask for a quote on our service in less than a minute.

The All-In-One Printer Solutions You Need

Ricoh printer is a great printer we provide here in Digital Business Technologies. It is an excellent service provider you can rely on for your business. It has a valuable service and knows its customers’ needs. That is why our team decided to bring Ricoh to Chicagoland. We want to help small businesses become huge someday through an all-in-one printer you can rely on. Get high-quality printers and copiers for your business. Contact Digital Business Technologies today.

• Ricoh B/W

If you have lots of paper to print, you can rely on a Ricoh printer. We want to increase your productivity through our equipment. Ricoh office printer can be a good option for an effortless print, copy, scan, and fax workflow. There are customizable controls you can find on the device that make the job easier. All outputs are in monochrome with Ricoh B/W.

With all-in-one printers from Ricoh B/W, you are free to create your own workflow. They come with shortcuts that can simplify the task. Here are some features you can enjoy from our Ricoh B/W machines:

Easy to print, share, copy, and scan information

  1. Produce 25-40 pages of output per minute
  2. Can finish more jobs than a normal printer would do
  3. An advanced host that makes printing easier
  4. You can print through your mobile for an on-the-go performance
  5. More flexible on media handling
  6. You do not have to increase the footprint size
  7. You lessen the operating costs due to the device’s energy-saving features
  8. You can scan both sides of a sheet with a single pass
  9. Has user authentication so only authorized users can take a look and print jobs
three Ricoh all-in-one printers
All-In-One Printers By Ricoh

• Ricoh Color

If you need a ricoh laser printer, go for the Ricoh printer’s Ricoh Color. These printers come with motion sensors. Outputs are in full color and seem original at most times. For efficient printing, trust Ricoh Color to do the job for you. Create unique and integrated workflows with Ricoh color. With this device, you can experience small delays in printing. 

  1. Grabbing files is easier with Ricoh color. You can grab them from the server, cloud, or personal mobile device. Send them anywhere and anytime for everyone’s convenience.
  2. The MP C2504 wakes up the device from sleep begin. You may begin moving the information right away once it is awake. 
  3. You can distribute contracts and other faxed documents. Avoid spending too much money on paper costs, 
  4. Advertise your business through compelling brochures and presentations. Enjoy the different colors when you print with Ricoh Color’s output. 
  5. MPC407 is your management hub. Print and digital documents can come together to help you streamline collaboration. 
  6. Store more than 3,000 documents on your device. Retrieve your documents right away through Ricoh Color printers. 
  7. Paper trays can hold at least 4,700 sheets to extend your device’s capacity. They are useful for extended runs.
  8. You can send a fax without using a single paper in a single step. Start receiving paperless faxes through your email. With Ricoh Color, you can save more time. 
  9. Ricoh color printers come with features that are helpful for the environment. Not only do you reduce the operating costs, but you also reduce the bad impact of huge paper production. Work without sacrificing your business’ productivity. 
  10. The touchscreen control features let you perform many tasks for quick outputs.

Why Do You Need An All-In-One Printer For Your Business?

Having an all-in-one printer at your business allows you to reach a larger market. You can reach more people if you have a physical business place and are in the local area. You can distribute flyers to distribute to the mass market. If you are targeting a large audience, you do not have to spend much money. Digital Business Technologies is here to help you advertise your business. Let your business be known in the mass market through Ricoh printer. If you are wondering about the Ricoh printer price, contact Digital Business Technologies. We let our clients explore all the possible options that would fit their business.

1. You Are Paperless, But What About Your Customers?

Not all companies and clients have paperless working practices already. Your office may be, but some still need to practice this method.

Let us say you run an office supply business. You send your customers monthly invoices for the items they bought. Afterward, you must send your customers’ invoices online in PDF format. Your reason for this is that your company is going paperless. This approach can cause trouble. You will encounter clients who are “mom and pop” clients in business. They rarely use computers, let alone know how to run the program you will be using.

2. Hard Copies Can Survive The Tide

Let’s face it: You already know that computers take breaks for reasons that we can never predict. If the worst case happens, your company’s confidential information could be deleted forever. You will have no chance to retrieve them anymore. This will leave you in a difficult situation. Aside from that, it may cause delays in completing crucial projects you have.

We’re not saying you must keep hard copies of every document your company produces. It would be a heavy task and unnecessary. What our team is trying to say is to keep hard copies of personal and important company data. There are pieces of information that you cannot afford to lose. Watch out for it.

all-in-one printers by Digital Business Technologies
All-In-One Printers For Your Business

3. The Power Of A Physical Matter

This explanation is actually rather straightforward. People would always prefer to have something to hold.

Some people find it simpler to work from a physical copy of the document. They like how you can mark it up rather than staring at a computer screen. The ability to highlight and make handwritten comments on a document does have merit. Having many printers surrounding your area would be ridiculous in a small place. But it feels different holding it in person.

4. Getting Real Mail

Many people have the tendency to get rid of all printed papers. Their residential and commercial properties will be checked. If clogging is in your mailbox, you can open it and throw it away later. You can do it with advertisements and mailers before the internet takes off.

But, it seems we went from one extreme to another: from receiving too much mail to receiving none at all. It still feels good to get something in the mail for you, even if it’s only occasionally.

Sending out small mailers or coupons to your customers is a great way to show your dedication to them. Make them feel appreciated and special.

5. Reach More People

Lastly, office printers are crucial for your company because they unite us. Going paperless can be challenging. By doing so, you restrict the prosperity of your own business.

Do you want to ensure that most people use your company’s goods and services? You can’t do this by limiting your advertising. One of the simplest ways to link someone to your internet activities is to include them. You can give away printed materials like brochures and pamphlets. When they read about your company in print, they’ll do more online research on you.

Since we invest too much time creating digital outputs, we can always cross-market. Do this with physical pieces of paper. It would be a great way to gain a stronger audience for your business.

With the help of Digital Business Technologies, growing your business becomes simpler. The latest printing technology might help you update your small business. You can reach us by phone at (800) 745-6155 or via email. For any questions, you can visit our FAQs page. Read our client’s experiences while working with us. See for yourself how we care for small businesses to grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An all-in-one printer is intended to support the current trend of wireless networks and increased mobile connectivity. This means you can multitask using your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

You can print from the cloud and scan, share, and store files using the scanning function. 

Many documents in the business world still need to be printed. Contracts, proposals, reports, and other documents fall into this category. Suppose your company does not have an office printer. In that case, you will almost certainly have to outsource your printing needs, which can be time-consuming and costly.


  • A multifunction printer improves document management.
  • They make controlling the print environment easier. 
  • Multifunction printers reduce overall office costs.
  • Users only need to learn one interface. 
  • A multifunction printer improves document management.
  • They make controlling the print environment easier. 
  • Multifunction printers reduce overall office costs.
  • Users only need to learn one interface. 

Ricoh is a fantastic service provider for fantastic printers. They offer valuable services, respond to customer needs, and are cost-effective.


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