Do Refurbished Machines Cost Less Than New Ones

Do Refurbished Machines Cost Less Than New Ones

New Vs. Refurbished Machines: Which Is Cheaper?

Most people would prefer to buy a refurbished one rather than a new one. This is because they believe that doing so will help them save more money. Environmentalists would choose the former over the latter too. What happened to our old devices that we replaced a week ago at the phone store? Where do we keep our old devices that are no longer in use?

Digital Business Technologies is a company that sells both new and refurbished machines. We work closely with our clients to fit their budgets and needs. You may call us at (800) 745-6155.  If a new machine does not fit our client’s budget, we offer them a cost-saving option. A refurbished machine is a good option for those who want their device to look new but are on a budget.

What Is A Refurbished Machine?

A refurbished machine is equipment owned by someone before. First, we inspect its condition. Once it is workable, we restore its condition to sell it in the market again. But this time at a cheaper price. 

Preferring to buy a refurbished machine can save you an average of 30 to 50 percent. What makes it better is that your machine is in new condition already.

Why Choose Refurbished Machines?

Many people believe that one form of wise spending is investing in refurbished equipment. You can spend less and save more with these types of machines. Buying refurbished ones does not only entail saving more money. This is a smarter choice for people in the business industry, too.

Some companies have a standard or particular model they use. Sadly, some machines are no longer available on the market. Buying a refurbished equivalent of the device would be a good option.

  • Extending The Life Of Existing Accessories

It can be hard to find the accessories for the machines that are no longer in production. Instead of adding a new model to your office, choose a refurbished one. You can extend the life of its accessories. These accessories rely on no longer-functioning equipment.

  • Avoiding Stock Consumables

A piece of new and old equipment together also takes up a lot of space. Sometimes, we still figure out where to put the old equipment to replace it with the new one. If you refurbish a machine, is space even a problem? 

Aside from the fact that the old one may just sit around your office or home, it occupies our space too. With a refurbished machine, you save more space and renew its life.

  • Saving Time And Effort

Having a new machine means you must also study how it works. Despite being the same brand, there are changes that may happen. Companies improve their previous work and then release a new one. Learning something new can be fun and challenging. But if you are the type who would go for the usual, consider refurbishing your old machines instead. 

Warranties for refurbished machines must be at least 1 year; ideally, a 90-day warranty is also acceptable. This applies to devices that do not have many moving parts.

The refurbished market is usually popular in offices, telecommunications, and industry-specific equipment. People expect that costs are higher in this type of setting. Little do they know most of these big entrepreneurs prefer refurbished machines. 

Digital Business Technologies has been in the industry for 20 years now. We work with small and big companies to create the ideal office they like. Your equipment is valued on a time and material basis. Our service is the best because we offer regular maintenance for your equipment.

A New Machine Vs. Refurbished Machines
A New Machine Vs. Refurbished Machines

Why Choose A New Machine?

  • What Fits Your Business Needs

New machines undergo improvement. If you are in the business industry, you have to be innovative to compete with others. A machine that works well can make your work faster and more efficient.

  • Cheaper Repair Costs

Newly developed machines have cheaper repair costs most of the time. This is because their accessories are easier to find as compared to the old ones.

  • Warranties 

New machines have a warranty. Getting a warranty gives us the assurance that they will fix our machines in no time. Aside from that, repairs are usually free since the warranty still covers them.

  • Lower Insurance Costs 

Machines that are brand new have lower insurance costs. This is because they are far from being broken or defective yet. Companies build new machines with greater working capacity.

  • Greater Technology

A new machine means it is updated!

Machines improve their quality every now and then. This means that we are paying for better technology when we buy a new one. We all know how fast and innovative technology is today. A new machine entails, not always, but most of the time, an easier and faster process of work for us.

We are a copier retailer and service company designed for commercial businesses. Our business offers copiers, printers, and document management. We also offer managed print services and copier contracts. All printer we offer are of their best quality, as we only give what our clients deserve. Look no other than us in terms of printers.

Choose The Right Printer
Choose The Right Printer

Choosing The Perfect Machine

Both new and refurbished machines go through the same process. They are being tested just like any new device. If there is a defect, it needs to be repaired immediately. The faulty parts need replacement too. New and refurbished machines both come with their own pros and cons. Now, what you choose is up to you as a consumer. Refurbished machines may be cheaper, but repairs may cost a lot sometimes. New machines are more expensive, but they provide us with a warranty and cheaper repair fees.

New machines are basically those that come straight from the factory. You can expect that they are of the best quality and will provide a good performance. They come with a full warranty, usually good for a  year.  It comes with accessories that are included when you purchase it. Getting a new machine is not only about maximizing its quality; it is also about getting its full benefits when you buy it. 

A great tip when buying new machines is to wait for discounts. Merchants sometimes offer discounts. Do not expect you can get them for a lower price like refurbished machines. But know that you can wait for good timing on when to buy a new one!

If you want to insure yourself, go for refurbished devices. It may be risky, but getting technology in its reformed condition for a low price is already a great deal. If all else fails in buying refurbished devices, your best defense is you as a consumer. Common issues are an invalid warranty or the seller’s refusal to help. Once you discover some problems that you could learn to fix, there is no going back. You will feel more confident about buying refurbished products once you learn the usual way  it works. This is pretty much the best way to save hundreds of dollars while gaining quality technology.

Choosing the perfect machine is challenging. Many want to save money rather than invest in expensive equipment. With the help of refurbished equipment, you can get brand-new equipment for a lower cost. The only downside is that we need to find out how long it can last since it has already undergone repairs. While getting a new machine may mean spending more, it could also make us save more money in the long run. 

Most of the time, it is up to the users to decide how they will use and take care of the equipment. A piece of well-handled equipment has a higher chance of surviving throughout the years. Digital Business Technologies offers regular maintenance for our products and services.

Why Choose Digital Business Technologies?

Digital Business Technologies has provided its service for over 20 years now. We deeply understand how machines are pivotal, especially in the workplace. Our service team technicians are reliable and take pride in their work. If you are looking for a solution provider, know that our team is here to meet your company’s needs. We provide our service in Chicagoland and nearby areas.

Our company is leading among its competitors in the industry. We get multi-functional copiers faster as compared to others.  All the equipment that our company offers is rebuilt from top to bottom. Get your printers at Digital Business Technologies today and bring home the best equipment. If you are planning to purchase printer, whether it is new or refurbished, we have it here.

Read reviews from our clients to learn about their experiences working with us. Send us an email or call us at (800) 745-6155 if you have any questions regarding the services we offer. You can find our frequently asked questions on our website that may help you with your concern.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The primary distinction between a new and refurbished product is the price (up to 90% less). Refurbished products are fully functional, with all components working as they should. A refurbished device was either previously owned or used for display purposes.


If you want to get the most bang for your buck, consider refurbishing. Getting high-quality products that (in most cases) look and perform like new at a huge discount is a rush, making it easier to stay current with the latest technology. 


Products labeled “refurbished” are fully functional, but they can no longer be sold as “new” for reasons that vary by manufacturer. As a result, they’re typically less expensive, and depending on your purchase, you could save hundreds of dollars. 


Refurbished items may be unused customer returns that are essentially “new,” or they may be defective products that were returned under warranty and resold by the manufacturer after the defects were repaired and proper function was ensured.


One way to save money on large purchases is to buy refurbished goods. However, if you are new to buying refurbished items, you may be concerned about the quality. But don’t be concerned. Refurbished purchases from reputable companies can provide experiences that are just as good as brand-new items. 


A refurbished item is one that has been inspected and repaired. These are the most common terms used to describe refurbished products: Refurbished: A product that has been restored to like-new condition, though this definition varies. 


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