The Difference Between Refurbished And New All-In-One Printers

Refurbished And New All-In-One Printers At Digital Business Technologies

Printers can be costly, so making the right choice is critical. Digital Business Technologies has the city’s best selection of refurbished printers. We provide the most recent office printers from leading manufacturers such as Sharp and Ricoh. We have a wide range of products to select the best one for your requirements.

You can find the best new all-in-one printers here at Digital Business Technologies! To purchase a printer, copier, or scanner in Chicago, call (800) 745-6155. We can help you find the best deal and offer various other services. For more information, please see our FAQ page.

What Is A Refurbished Printer?

A printer that has been used and then fixed. It is also put through tests to make sure it works. A refurbished printer is usually cheaper than a brand-new one. They might also be missing some features that come with new printers.

Refurbished printers may have been used for demos or canceled customer orders. And from items that were over-ordered or leftover in the warehouse. All reconditioned printers are checked and cared for by technicians who are qualified to do so. When you buy them, you can be sure that they are in good shape.

Digital Business Technologies has the most printers that have been fixed up in the whole city. We have the latest office supplies from well-known brands like Sharp and Ricoh. We have a lot of products, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Advantage Of Having Refurbished And New All-In-One Printers


The Benefits Of Refurbished Printers

Advantage Of Having Refurbished And New All-In-One Printers

Save You Money

The best thing about buying a used printer is that it saves you money. It costs less than buying a new printer, but it works just as well and has the same quality.

It’s a great way to save money and still get the printer you need. Check out our selection of refurbished printers to find a good deal on one.

Better For The Environment

New printers are worse for the environment than refurbished printers. When you buy a used printer, you help cut down on the amount of electronic waste. E-waste is the trash that comes from things like printers and other electronic devices.

It is thought that 50 million tons of e-waste are made each year. When you choose a reconditioned printer, you help cut down on the amount of trash that is made. It does good things for the environment.

Tested And Reliable

When you buy a refurbished printer that has been tested, you know it will work. All of our reconditioned printers are checked by qualified technicians and kept in good shape.

We have a wide range of printers so you can find the right one for you. We only sell the best-refurbished printers at Digital Business Technologies. You don’t have to worry about how good the printer is or how reliable it is.

Refurbished Ricoh Printers

Ricoh MP 2554

You can stay on track with the RICOH MP 2554 Black and White Laser Printer. At 1200 dpi, this printer can make black-and-white images that are clear and sharp. Also, it can print as many as 25 pages per minute.

It’s easy to do everyday tasks with its powerful 533MHz processor, 2GB of RAM, and 320GB HDD. It can deal with big files and run jobs without getting stopped a lot.

Ricoh MP 3054

For your work to go faster, you need the Ricoh MP 3054 Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer. You can do a lot of things with this printer. You can print, share, and copy documents using the document-handling features.

Your information can also be scanned and sent by fax. This printer can print up to 20,000 pages per month and can print 30 black-and-white pages per minute.

Ricoh MP C2504

When you need to print, the MP C2504 Color Laser Multifunction Printer (MFP) is always ready. It has a motion sensor built-in that turns it on quickly. You can start to move information right away.

Scan-to lets you share originals in full color in digital form, printing up to 25 copies or images per minute. This printer can hold up to 2,300 sheets of paper at once. It means you can work for longer periods without stopping.

Refurbished Sharp Printers

Refurbished Sharp Printers
Refurbished Sharp Printers

Sharp MX-B376W

It’s easy to use the MX-B376W Advanced Series desktop monochrome document system. It is easy to set up and produces high-quality work.

It is a small machine, but it has the same high-quality parts as big machines. It has the performance and dependability you want and the productivity you need.

Sharp MX-M3051

Sharp’s MX-3051 Essentials series color printers are great for places of business that are always busy. To meet your needs, they use the most up-to-date technology. It has features and functions that you can count on.

There are also safety features in the new Color Essentials Series. It helps businesses keep their information and data safe. Its document systems are a good deal for businesses because they can do a lot of things at once.

Sharp MX-6071

These new multifunction printers are easy to use and can help you get more done. They make things easy for customers, so they come right away. It also has a keyboard that can be pulled out for easy data entry.

The new MX-6071 Color Advanced Series has many features that make it easy to do more than one thing at once. In today’s busy office environments, tasks can be switched right away.

What Is An All-In-One Printer?

An All-in-One printer is one machine that does the work of many different things. It’s a machine that must have a laser printer or color printer. It can also be a scanner and a copy machine.

All-in-one printers are also called Multifunction Printers (MFPs). This is a machine that helps small businesses and home offices spread the word. There is also a flatbed scanner and an auto-document feeder. A lot of these printers can also send faxes.

Costs can be high for new all-in-one printers. Because of this, a lot of people choose to buy all-in-one printers that have been used before. New all-in-one printers cost more than refurbished ones. Still, they still have everything you need. Now it’s a common battle between refurbished and new all-in-one printers.

All-In-One Printers Have One Or More Of The Following Features:

  • Printing
  • Copying
  • Scanning
  • Faxing
  • Stapling
  • Duplexing
  • Hole punching
  • Color and black and white printer compatibility
  • Extra paper trays
  • Photo organization software
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) software
What Is An All-In-One Printer?
What Is An All-In-One Printer?

The Benefits Of All-In-One Printers


All-in-one printers do a lot of different things. You can do different things with them, like print, scan, and fax. Because you don’t need separate machines, they save you space. If you have a small office or work from home, this printer is always a good choice.

The best thing about an All-in-One printer is that it doesn’t take up much room. It can do the work of several devices, so you don’t need to have them all over your office or home.


It’s easy to hook up an all-in-one printer to your computer. You can connect the printer to your computer with a USB cable, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi. You can print from anywhere in your home or office have a wireless MFP printer.

Before you buy an all-in-one printer, find out how you can connect to it. Some MFP printers have NFC, which stands for “Near Field Communication.” It lets you print by tapping your smartphone or tablet that has NFC on it.

Ease Of Use

They are also very easy to use. You can do everything at once with an all-in-one printer. You don’t have to go to different machines to print, scan, and fax. 

They have big control panels that make it easy to move through the menus. Some all-in-one printers also have displays that you can touch. It makes using your MFP printer even easier. You can get to the functions you need by touching the icons on the screen.

Small Business Document Management Software

If you own a small business, you understand how critical it is to keep your documents organized. It must be simple to locate, and it must be done quickly. This is where document management software can help. This type of software assists you in organizing and storing your documents so that you can find them when you need them.

We have a lot of software at Digital Business Technologies to help you keep track of your documents. We have a wide range of products and services to choose from, so you can find the best one for you. Call us at (800) 745-6155 today for assistance with your business and printing needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Better To Buy New Or Refurbished?

A refurbished device was either previously owned or used for display purposes. Refurbished products, on the other hand, go through the same testing process as new devices, so any defects are discovered and repaired, and any faulty parts are replaced. They perform similarly to new products but are less expensive due to their refurb status.

Is it worthwhile to have it refurbished?

Products labeled “refurbished” are fully functional, but they can no longer be sold as “new” for reasons that vary by manufacturer. As a result, they’re typically less expensive and depending on your purchase, you could save hundreds of dollars.

What Does “Refurbished Mean In The Context Of A Printer?”

A refurbished printer is one that has been returned to the manufacturer and has undergone rigorous testing with qualified technicians to ensure that it works as well as new. Refurbished and new All-In-One Printers are entirely two different things.

What Are The Drawbacks To Refurbishment?

The Drawbacks of Purchasing Refurbished You have no idea how the device was treated before you, and you have no idea when it was purchased. You almost never get the original accessories that came with the device. Refurbished devices are typically not covered by warranties.

Is Refurbished Synonymous With Forgery?

It usually refers to a handset that was returned due to a flaw or because the original buyer changed their mind about it. Then it was repaired and tested to ensure that the battery charges, buttons, cameras, and so on worked properly.

What Does “Refurbished” Mean In The Context Of Electronics?

The distribution of products (generally electronics) that have previously been returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons, such as not being sold in the market or a new product launch. Before being sold to the general public, refurbished products are typically tested for functionality and defects.

Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Refurbished Printer?

Purchasing a used printer does not guarantee that it will be in proper working order, but purchasing a refurbished printer ensures that the printers have gone through numerous quality checks and should work as well, if not better, than a brand new printer.

What Is The Distinction Between Renewed And Refurbished?

It has been renewed and is in like-new condition. Refurbished means it has been restored to like-new working condition but may have blemishes or physical signs of wear.

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